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This website is a reflection of my passion to help others and designed to provide you education in the field of the paranormal arts through my posts, interviews, and individualized remote training in my Academy of Real Magick™.   I’m an internationally known psychic and medium, and I love to use my abilities to provide you healing and growth through psychic and mediumship readings.  In addition I can help identify your abilities, give home cleansing advice, speak at one of your public events, conduct paranormal investigations and more.  I’m glad you found me!  Look around and enjoy my videos, articles and insights created just for you!


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Demonic Possessions, Attachments and Spiritual Parasites Revealed!

WHAT ARE THEY? They all mean basically the same thing – an evil, unwanted presence or entity is adversely affecting you, trying to take control of you through your thoughts and actions. With its suggestions, commands, interruptions and chaos to your life and health, the entity or presence seeks to prey on, punish or harm … Continue reading Demonic Possessions, Attachments and Spiritual Parasites Revealed!

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