My Interviews with families from The Dead Files TV show

Interview on 7/17/19 with Donna Wright whose family was featured on The Dead Files Season 5, Episode 11 called “Master of the Damned”. We discussed her experiences, the extensive cleansings required and the aftercare involved. Lots of good information and education! Duration: 38 mins.


Interview on 6/13/19 with Lance Eberhardt who was featured with his family on THE DEAD FILES show Season 8, Episode 1 – Hell in the Heartland – Kearney, Missouri. We discuss many issues including the “process of recovery” after the show and the cleansing prescription provided by psychic medium Amy Allen! Check out Lance’s blog which chronicles his family’s ghost story and their experience before, during and after they were featured on the TV show. Read and follow Lance’s blog about this paranormal experience at  Warning:  The audio is great but the video goes a little shaky (ugh) once it was downloaded from my Facebook Live event.