Kevin Paul’s Academy of Real Magick™


Would you like to discover and develop your “abilities”?  

The Academy of Real Magick™ is a personalize remote learning system for beginners created to identify, develop and enhance your abilities.   Real magick is the field of study which is primarily psychic and mediumship development with the enhancement of your abilities which may include clairvoyance, clairaudient, claircognizance, clairsentience, as well as discussions on healing modalities, shamanism, manifestations, psychometry, ESP, paranormal, and areas of your interest!

Your coach and mentor for this journey will be me, Kevin Paul Psychic Medium.  I have spent decades studying, training, then professionally practicing and consulting in the field of real magick and have a deep desire to help others in this field through education, coaching and mentoring.  I also know and work with many other trained and talented people from different genres or modalities of magick with whom I collaborate often.

Currently, the course has been designed for 8-10 monthly sessions with each lasting 60 minutes.   The training and curriculum will be tailored to your needs, abilities, and desired goals.  This curriculum includes monthly calls with me to develop your skills, review your progress, and keep the momentum going forward. My job as your coach and mentor is to direct and review your progress, to provide insight and knowledge, and to encourage and support you through your journey.  Yes, you will have assignments to work on between our monthly sessions.  These assignments are the real work.  To really be successful in this field, you will need to be disciplined and self motivated.  I can provide the disciplined approach and I will need you to provide the motivation.  Since this is one on one coaching and self paced, you can start and finish whenever you want.  We can schedule the coaching sessions anytime between 11am and 11pm Monday-Sunday.

Our first session or your first day in Real Magick™ class (called Grade 1) includes the following:

  • comprehensive discovery and analysis of your abilities
  • discussion of your experience in the field of real Magick
  • identification and development of your goals for this course
  • creation of realistic expectations for your journey
  • a full written analysis your first session

Subsequent monthly sessions will typically include the following:

  • review of your progress and assignments from the previous session
  • discussion and review of your on-going journal entries
  • discussion of a new development topic
  • review and refinement of your goals
  • discussion of any concerns and roadblocks
  • new assignments for your future growth

Each session is 60 minutes and requires payment in advance.  The payment options for this program are PayPal, Venmo, ApplePay or card over the phone.  The convenient PayPal buttons are listed at the bottom of this page.  Venmo requires the Venom app or application to be downloaded on your cellphone.  ApplePay only is available on Apple devices like an iPhone or iPad.  If you are interested in enrolling in this exciting development course, please complete the enrollment form below with a payment option.  I look forward to working with you on your journey!









Kevin Paul’s Academy of Real Magick™ – single coaching session

One 60 minutes coaching session





Kevin Paul’s Academy of Real Magick™ – coaching session package of 5

5 individual coaching sessions with a discount. Each coaching call is 60 minutes





Kevin Paul’s Academy of Real Magick™ – coaching session package of 10

10 coaching calls for the price of 9. Each coaching call is 60 minutes.






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