Scared to Sleep? Learn how to deal with unwanted spirits in your bedroom!


We consider our bedroom a sacred space where we want to feel safe, relaxed and sleep well.   Sometimes, however, these spaces are full of energies or spirits that interrupt this environment and lead to fear, panic, and confusion; ultimately scaring you.

In this blog posting, I provide techniques to help you address these unwanted spirits and allow you to reclaim the serenity of your bedroom. 

Examples of how these energies may manifest are as follows.  

  • A fear that something is in your bedroom
  • You feel like you are being watched
  • A shadow figure or full spirit apparition appears
  • You hear a voice, multiple voices, or a conversation
  • You sense a presence in the room or in your bed
  • You have a feeling of being restrained or held down while in bed

If any of these sound familiar to you, then it’s time for you to “claim your space”. 

Experiencing any of these situations is frightening but it also shows that you “have medium-like abilities” or are considered “sensitive to spirit”.   There is also a good chance you don’t understand your “gift” or how to use it to your advantage.  

Instead of being afraid, here are some techniques you can use to take charge of your environment in a way that will remove unwanted spirit intrusions from your bedroom.  I call this “Claiming Your Space”.  This is different than a full cleansing which should be handled by a reputable sensitive with previous experience in evaluating and cleansing a home.   

Follow this simple and highly effective ritual before you go to sleep each night: 

  1. VERBALIZE (out loud or to yourself) your intentions and desire to sleep without interruption by spirits.  
          • Example:  “I am now going to sleep and don’t want to be bothered by any spirits”.
  1. SPEAK directly to the spirit(s) and tell them they must leave the room immediately and are not allowed in your room while you sleep.
          • Example:  “Everyone (or anything in here) must leave NOW . . . GET OUT!”
  1. VISUALIZE some form of protection around you and extending out to the edges of the room.   This is designed to keep spirits out of your room.  
          • Example:  See yourself surrounded by white light, guardian angels, spirit guides, your loved ones, etc. 
  1. RELAX with confidence that you have claimed your space.   
          • Example:  Take a deep breath and know that you have been successful. 
  1. REPEAT this each evening before you go to bed.


This ritual of claiming your space can apply in any space that you are sleeping:  from a hotel room to your camper.  It’s important to know that your intention in this ritual is very powerful.  It is the key to its success.  When using this ritual, you must be confident and your tone must be forceful.  Think of a parent directing a misbehaved child to go to time-out.   

Typically you will be dealing with spirits who are just plain cowards, bullies, energy stealers, lost or confused spirits, disgruntled former owners of the property, traumatized spirits, etc.  Always know that you have more power than the spirit(s) you are talking to, and use this power to help you remove them.

Claiming your space will provide you the confidence in dealing with an unpleasant and frightening environment due to the paranormal.  It will also provide you peace of mind and a place you can finally feel safe, relaxed and sleep well.  

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