An empty house in rural Maine tells a story!

Greetings.  I’m a psychic and medium in Washington DC and write about my experiences with the spirits that I encounter in apartments and homes that I investigate.  I always assess the location first and then develop cleansing strategies to remove or move on deceased individuals.   Please check out my other stories, but below is my latest adventure into the spirit world that surrounds us.

After Labor Day Weekend 2018, I took my first trip to Maine to visit a friend who has a summer cabin or “camp” on a lake in Bridgton, Maine.  It was my first time in Maine during the summer and among many of the wonderful activities we had a chance to venture around the area.  During one of our outings, my friend showed me a newly sold home nearby (see the photo I took) that had been abandoned for several years and was undergoing renovations by the new owner.  My friend wanted me to “take its temperature” to see if I picked up on anything.

I agreed and opened myself up briefly, but safely, to see if I was able to pick up on any spirits that may still be hanging around in that old house.  During my opening, I clearly stated my intention was to simply observe; making it known I was not there to cleanse the space or to force any inhabitants to move on.

As the house was locked, I peered inside through a window to find that indeed the house was empty with signs of renovations underway.  Almost immediately upon peeking in the window, I developed a very severe headache understanding immediately that something from the spirit world was definitely still there.  A deceased woman came through to me as being very angry that people had been in her house and taken all her belongings. She was on a rampage in her own house.  As I only intended a brief reading of the space and given the pain in my head and the anger I was feeling, I decided it was time to move on with our walk.   As we moved on, my headache went away.  But as we drove by the house several times afterwards that weekend, I was able to hear the old woman screaming with frustration.

Later that evening, I shared the results of my quick investigation with my friend.  I conveyed my concern about the spirit still living there being so angry and suggested that if the new tenant was “sensitive” they may feel the wrath of her anger as she made their lives miserable.  I also felt that given the old woman’s strong attachment to the house and her rage at the renovations and the removal of all of her belongings, she may try to lash out at the new tenant physically by pushing, scratching, etc.  She still doesn’t want anyone in her house.  If you lived there, you would probably feel highly anxious or angry and feel like you are being watched.  In short, it is not a place you would want to live if you were even slightly sensitive to spirit and their energy.

After sharing this information, my friend later told me some history of this deceased woman whom my friend had known a few years before she passed. This woman had grown up in that house, had a history of mental illness and was considered a mean and vindictive person to her neighbors while alive.  Basically not a nice person while alive . . . and certainly not a nice person when deceased.

Although I do not know the owner and haven’t been asked for assistance,  my recommendation for cleansing this house would be as follows:

A strong personality medium would be needed to make contact with the deceased woman while in the house and compliment her on her accomplishments of being a long standing member of the community and a successful property owner.  This tactic would appease or compliment her and be a nice way to start a dialogue.  Then the medium would explain to the deceased woman that she was no longer alive, that she no longer was the owner of the house or the property, and that it was time for her to join her loved ones.  If that didn’t work and she was unwilling to move on (as I expect would be the case), then the medium would have to proceed with what I would call “an intentional cleansing with conviction” ritual.  Briefly, that would entail confidently and firmly stating in the ritualized cleansing walk that “you are no longer welcome here and you must leave now.”   I would also recommend getting the current resident(s) involved in this portion of the cleansing.  This is a powerful technique which would allow them to “claim their space” through their intention, action, and message.

I always prefer to start with a positive technique to try to counsel the spirit first, hear them out, then move them on.  This may be all that is needed.  However sometimes a more assertive and forceful technique is needed to move them on.  Each situation and spirit is different just like each person is different.

A good medium is able to assess the situation first, develop a plan specifically for that location and the spirit(s) that need to be addressed, and then execute it leaving room for changes or adjustments.   I believe in approaching a spirit with respect and compassion, having the correct intentions, using your unique abilities, and having an arsenal of cleansing techniques to have success.  Marching around while burning sage to smudge a location is not effective and won’t get the desired result.

NOTE:  Please email me your questions in regards to the paranormal and I will be happy to answer them privately or in a blog if it would help others.   You can also contact me for home or apartment investigations and cleansing or to arrange a private reading in person or remotely.

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