Dismal and depressing – a homestead is finally cleansed of the cult energy left behind

“Thank you again for your expertise and time spent on our cleansing prescription. The house feels so much lighter and brighter!”  Carrie

The feeling of unease in your own home is never a good thing.  Add to that your neighbors inform you that a religious cult worshiped in your house before you bought it.  Then you learned that the land your house is on was marked by centuries of Native American war and bloodshed.  Now you have a recipe for a dismal and depressing homestead energy!

Recently I consulted with the mother of a family who wanted to know how to properly cleanse a house.  Carrie had tried to cleanse their home multiple times without success.  After the phone interview, I felt confident that they were dealing with strong residual energy (left-over sad and negative emotional type of energy in a location) as well as active Native American spirit energy on the property.   Carrie has empathic ability which allows her to be feel and sense the energy in a location which is helpful in “taking the temperature of a room” and therefore monitoring the before and after.

With my experience and the help of my abilities and spirit guides, I had all the information I needed to provide a “prescription” to bring joy back into the house and to also provide an honorable offering of peace and reverence to their property which is on Native American land with a dark and troubled past.

To cleanse or clear the residual energy inside the house,  I recommended a unique prescription of smudging that I felt was needed to truly clear the space of the intense negative, sad energy and fill it with their joy and laughter.   Below are just the brief bullet points of that Px:

  1. Play fun music during the smudging: laugh and have fun with this ritual smudging. The intention and actions will super infuse joy and happiness into the space.
  2. Use dried lavender to smudge each room they felt needed to be infused with happiness and joy.  Lavender brings peace, relaxation, and restful sleep, purity and love into a space.
  3. Use the phrase or mantra that I provided to claim their space, remove all negative feelings, and fill the room with joy, fun and happy energy.

For the peace offering to the Native American spirits on this tormented property, I recommended that they follow a detailed and powerful ritual.  The instructions below are just the brief bullet points of this ritual:

  1. Assemble an offering:  tobacco for the men, salt for the women, sugar for the children, and any type of small gift that would be appreciated.
  2. Place the offering on a quiet part of the property with specific intentions.
  3. Use the ritual words that I provided
    • to honor and acknowledge the ancient Native American spirits that are on the property
    • to acknowledge that it is their land
    • to assure them that they mean them no harm
    • to request their protection and a peaceful coexistence


Below is a brief history and update written by Carrie after completing my recommendations.   It’s important to me to hear back from those I consult with.  I always like to check in after a few weeks and make any adjustments to the Px if required.

Their Story

We bought our home in May 2016. The people we bought it from ( Tim & Jeanie) had bought it in 2006. They renovated for 3 years before moving in. They poured a lot of money, blood, sweat and tears into it. They held “church” in the family room every Saturday. (We are not sure what denomination but later we discovered from the neighbors that they said it was a cult) Our neighbors told us 2 of the property owners’ 3 dogs ganged up on the one and killed it in our kitchen. Around 2013 Tim & Jeanie ran into financial distress and lost their small business. At this point they had three mortgages on the house (which was supposed to be their forever home) and was about to go into foreclosure when we bought it.

We moved in and finished the renovations, new flooring, fresh paint, new countertops, etc. There were areas of the house that felt heavy with sadness and depression, Carly’s bedroom, Steve’s bedroom ( which had been Tim’s office), the kitchen ( our dog refused to go into the kitchen. And I like to cook, but after we moved in, I did not like being in the kitchen. It had an uneasy feeling to it.) and the family room.  I had saged the house about three times and it seemed to help a little but not completely.

I began some research of our property after a neighbor told us this was Miami Indian land. Their village had been about a mile or two from our house. Our road was their path to their hunting grounds, and supposedly there had been a great battle fought in the field behind our house. Further research showed our property is legally called Lafontaine Indian Reserve. ( Chief LaFontaine was a French man who married a Miami Indian woman and adopted the Miami Indian culture. He had negotiated one of the last treaties with the U.S government. This treaty was not viewed as fair by many of the Miami tribe and caused a split amongst them. Some moved on to Iowa, some stayed here.)

I was also told by a neighbor, that in the late ‘70s early ‘80s there had been a farm machinery accident on our property and a man had been killed.

In short, there has been a lot of sadness, despair, and negativity in and surrounding our new home for a long time. I then reached out to you (Psychic Medium Kevin Paul) for assistance for cleansing our home correctly.

We followed your prescription to a “T”.  For the land around our house, we were provided a Px for a peace offering to the Native American spirits.  I had my husband, Aaron, place the tobacco as an offering to the men, Steve offered the sugar for the children, I offered the salt for the women and pretty beads and crystals from Carly’s chandelier. (She agreed to be a part of the cleansing, but rolled her eyes about the offering.) I wanted to make sure the offering was heartfelt and genuine so I did not push her to be a part of it.  Aaron & I then took the offering and placed it under a huge maple tree towards the edge of our property. I felt it was the “right” place for it.  And we will continue the offering ceremony every change of season.

The home cleansing involving all 4 of us in my family and it was a lot of fun. There was lots of laughter as we set off smoke alarms and had some music mishaps, but the results were immediately felt.

Thank you again Kevin Paul, I will keep you posted on the “temperature” of the house,



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