What really is Clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance is one of the psychic senses that everyone has heard of but not alway fully understood.  Clairvoyance simply means clear seeing or clear sight and used when someone is doing a reading of a person, place or thing.  Believe it or not, Clairvoyance is one of many different types of psychic senses or abilities like claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience and more which I’ll talk about in other video episodes of my Mystical Quickies.   

So basically, clairvoyance is the faculty or ability while a Clairvoyant is the person who has this ability to gather information through their psychic sense of vision. 

And there are two different types of clairvoyance:  one is called subjective clairvoyance which means that you see an image in your mind while objective clairvoyance is when you see an image outside of your mind that no one else can see like a full or partial figure of a spirit.  

The wonderful thing about clairvoyance is that it gets your attention quickly but a you will need to unfold that image like it’s a clue to understand what it means.  The visual image is a starting point and you will need to use your other abilities to figure out what the image means. The image could have a universal meaning but many times the meaning is unique to the psychic or medium. 

SUBJECTIVE Clairvoyance 

The most common form of clairvoyance when doing a reading is subjective clairvoyance where you can gather information by seeing a object or image in your mind like for example a beautify lake, a pair of dirty boots or an old classic car.  A good psychic or medium will use the image as a starting point and unfold the image to gather so much more information.  For example, when I’m doing a mediumship reading and connecting with someone’s passed loved one, and I see an image of a car in my mind, I will put myself into that car and get a sense to it’s importance.  My objective is to always unfold more meaning from that image.  Like what was it used for? was it a vehicle that was needed to do their job, was it a collectible, or do I sense that the person I’m reading for may have been in that car when going on a special trip?  As I talk about that image, I receive more information and significance of that object.  

OBJECTIVE Clairvoyance  

The less common type of clairvoyance is called objective clairvoyance when you see an object, image or spirit outside of your mind that no one else can see like a passed loved one, or an unknown spirit in a room or perhaps a shadow figure walking down the hall in an abandoned house or even the spirit of a soldier walking across an old battlefield.  As amazing or horrifying as that may sound, the problem is that you could easily be startled and even scared when you see it.  A recent example of objective clairvoyance is when I visited the house of a friend who has experienced paranormal activity in his back guest bedroom which has an attached bathroom.  When I entered the bedroom, I briefly saw a short dark mass or object at the bottom of the doorway leading into the bathroom before it darted away in a flash. You know, that even scared the hell out of me since I wasn’t expecting that at all.  It threw me off my game and I had to step out of the room to calm myself down a bit.  Once I calmed down, I re-entered the room and gathered through my other abilities that the energy was of a couple of young playful children that popped in to see what I was doing there. These were children of the local indigenous people that lived there a long time ago.  I got that they liked my friends who are living in that house now.  

Not everyone has clairvoyance but that’s OK because a good psychic or medium can use their other abilities when doing readings or investigations. So remember, clairvoyance is a psychic sense where you can see an image or object either in your mind or outside of your mind.  

Thank you so much for joining me and I look forward to talking with you about another fascinating topic on my next Mystical quickie.  Please enjoy Episode 2 of Kevin’s Mystical Quickies which also features the mgical Joshua Tree National Park

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